About BC & R Storage Co., Inc.

BC & R Storage Co., Inc. was established in 1964 out of a need to provide professional outside storage for FMC Corporation (now ICL Performance Products) located in Lawrence, KS. ICL remains as one of our long-standing relationships to this day.

Original operations were organized under the ownership of Lawrence Freight Line, Inc. owned by James T. Black, Dale F. Black, Lawrence L. Crook, and Clarence E. Rood. It soon became evident that a storage business was needed in Lawrence, KS so a new corporation was established under the name of BC & R Storage Co., Inc. The name obviously is made up from the first letters in the last name of each of the owners. Clarence Rood was bought out in the early 1970's. The remaining owners sold the business in 1991 to their sons, James D. “Jim” Black, Gary L. Black, and Merle R Crook. With the retirement of Merle Crook in 2006, ownership was consolidated under Jim and Gary Black.

BC & R began in a small building leased in downtown Lawrence to begin storage operations but almost immediately expansion was needed. The purchase of 3 acres of land and the erection of a 7000 square foot facility relieved the growing pains for a short period of time. Another 5000 square foot expansion was added along with a rail siding to accommodate increase of business. By 1966 more expansion was needed so the facility was doubled in size with another 12,000 square foot addition. Adjoining property was purchased to wait the time for another expansion. The time did come, but not until 1986 when another 11,500 building was erected. 22,500 square feet was added on in 1989, and the most recent addition of 66,000 square feet was completed in early 2009. In all, the facilities at BC & R total 126,000 square feet.

For over 50 years we at BC & Storage Co., Inc. have endeavored to meet the needs of our customers by accommodating them with friendly reliable service at a reasonable price. Each and every customer is valued by us and important to our success.

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