BC & R Storage Company, Inc. has been serving the storage needs of Lawrence, Kansas and the surrounding communities since 1964. BC & R began as an outgrowth of Lawrence Freight Line to accommodate the needs of local businesses and in 1964 became an independent company.

Today, the sons of the founders continue to provide the service and attention that Lawrence has come to expect from BC & R Storage Company.

Presently, our expanded facilities include a total of 126,000 square feet to serve you with easy access from K-10, I-70, US 24, US 40, and US 59.

People who use our services include:

• Retailers

• Wholesalers
  • Contractors   • Distributors
  • Manufacturers   • Individuals
  • Commercial Companies    

For more information on warehousing call 785-842-3858 or email info@bcrstorage.com

For Trailer and Container needs call 800-999-7193 or SiteBox Storage

Eleven years ago, Water's Edge opened its store at the corner of 9th and Indiana—a great location, but not much room for storage. Being a seasonal, garden related business it makes good business sense for us to buy big in the spring, taking advantage of low prices. But, oh my, where to put it all?? To complicate matters, we also needed to be handling large heavy items—a forklift would be so handy.

The perfect answer for our small business has been the facilities and services provided by BC&R Storage Company. They have a dock and forklift for receiving our large shipments, inside warehouse storage for our bigger, heavier items, and easy access trailers for the items we can move by hand. All at very reasonable prices—Yeah! the only thing that could be better would be having them next door.

Top this off with their friendly, helpful, professional attitudes and you have a superb support organization. They promptly let us know when our shipments are received and note any potential freight damage problems—wow!! Such attention to detail...with a simple phone call, they accommodate the random needs of our staff and customers, helping to safely move around and load bigger items and pallets of supplies.

To sum it up, we have been extremely happy with our BC&R relationship. They have saved us time, money, and lots of headaches. With their facilities, we've been able to grow our business in ways it would otherwise not be possible. And, they are a pleasure to deal with!! We have absolutely no reservations in recommending them. "Lighten your load" with BC&R!

Deb Spencer & Susan Davis
Water's Edge

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